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LENA promotes advanced training activities, encouraging technology transfer to the production system through the preparation of personnel specialized in nuclear techniques on behalf of public and private entities.

The topics that make up the LENA Training Offer are the following:

Introduction to Nuclear Plants

Riference: Daniele Alloni

• Elements of atomic physics and nuclear physics

• Fundamentals of nuclear reactor physics

• Fundamentals of kinetics of nuclear reactor control

• Characteristic operating parameters of a nuclear reactor and measurement methods

• Monte Carlo calculation codes for applications in Reactor Physics

• Construction, functional and operational characteristics of nuclear research reactors and nuclear power plants

• Safety objectives and safety criteria in nuclear plants

• Safety and protection systems of nuclear plants

• Management of Nuclear Emergencies and preparation of Emergency Plans

Radiation protection

Riferences: Michele Prata; Sergio Manera

• Introduction to nuclear processes (radioactive decays and nuclear reactions)

• Principles of radiation-matter interaction

• Biological effects of ionizing radiation

• Measurement instrumentation for radiation protection applications

• Dosimetric techniques and techniques for measuring radiometric quantities in the field

• Reference standard of Radiation protection

• Radioactive waste management

• Radiological protection assessments in Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies

Radiochemical Analysis and Nuclear Measurement Techniques

Reference: Andrea Salvini

• Measurement instrumentation for nuclear analyzes (a, β, γ)

• Principles of Analysis for Neutron Activation

• Application of analytical nuclear techniques in the characterization of various materials

• Characterization of radioactive waste for disposal

• Characterization of radioactive materials for decommissioning of nuclear plants by means of

• Measurement experiments by means of neutron activation using the LENA nuclear reactor

• Characterization of neutron fields

• Principles relating to the management of a hot laboratory

Quality and Safety Guarantee for safety in nuclear plants Reference: Michelangelo Giordano

• Quality and improvement management systems based on the UNI EN ISO 9000 series standards

• Nuclear safety management system based on the provisions of Legislative Decree 230/95

• Product certification and CE marking of products from construction (EU Reg. 305/ 2011 ), Machines (Dir. 2004/48/EC), Measuring instruments (Directive 2009/ 48/EC), Toys (Directive 1997/23/EC), Pressure vessels (Directive 97/23/EC), Marine equipment (Directive 2011/75 /EU)

• Conducting audits of management systems based on UNI EN ISO 19011 • Quality management system in application to a nuclear plant

• Implementation of a Guarantee System Quality Assurance Program (QMS) (Quality Assurance Program, QMS Policy)

• Non-Conformity Checks and Corrective Actions • Documentation and Record Management • Inspection Checks (Audit) of the QMS • Quality Assurance in the operation phase a nuclear plant


The Center also carries out an intense teaching program for high schools and universities through lectures, laboratory exercises and guided tours.


Support for University Courses



RADIOCHEMISTRY (Laboratory exercises) M. Oddone – UNIPV

NUCLEAR PLANTS (ING-IND/19) (Exercises with the reactor) – A. Cammi – POLIMI


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