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L.E.N.A. radiation protection

Radiation protection service

deals with activities relating to the protection from the risks deriving from ionizing radiation emitted during the activities carried out at the Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory, based on the procedures and standards in force.


The activities of the Radiation Protection Service include:

– collaborating with the Qualified Expert of LENA with regard to the physical surveillance of radiation protection;

– carry out the periodic checks required by the technical and managerial requirements for the operation of the plant, with frequency dictated by the surveillance standards and according to the plant surveillance procedures;

– manage the controls required by the environmental surveillance program;

– carry out training and information programs in radiation protection for workers and users;

– ensure the personal dosimetry of workers exposed to ionizing radiation and environmental dosimetry in the places inside and outside the LENA;

– manage the dosimetric archive and the documentation relating to the physical surveillance of radiation protection;

– take care of the operational aspects relating to exposure from the risks from ionizing radiation and concerning the protection of personnel, the population and the LENA plants (Triga Mark II nuclear reactor, Gilardoni RX generator, Co-60 source and IBA Cyclone 18/9 medical cyclotron);

– manage and maintain the ionizing radiation monitoring systems, taking care of their developments and adjustments;

– manage and maintain security and access control systems for radiation protection;

– keep the radioactive sources and materials of LENA, taking care of them from the point of view of safety, possession, circulation, purchase and transport, as well as compliance with the rules and procedures for use within the LENA;

– to collaborate, as far as it is concerned, with the University Radioprotection Unit and with the Authorized Doctor for the aspects relating to the medical surveillance of radiation protection of exposed workers;

– implement the technical and operational bureaucratic requirements necessary for compliance with the rules and rules of good practice;

– supervise the correct application of the procedures and rules on radiation protection.

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