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Collaboration with ISOLPHARM

“Production 111Ag” The execution of the radiolabelling tests will produce small quantities of Ag using the LENA reactor in Pavia.

Radioactive silver nuclei were already successfully produced using a SPES UCx target prototype and delivered to experimental areas in dedicated experiments.

In any case, given that the SPES structure / function (I don t know what the correct translation is because I don t know what a spes is) is not yet ready for the irradiation of fossil targets, the ISOL production of 111Ag will not be possible in the short term.

Traditional techniques are not suitable for producing quantities of highly pure 111Ag, apart from when the target enriched with 110Pd is irradiated in a nuclear reactor. Therefore, to allow for radiolabeling tests, small quantities of 111Ag will be produced using the LENA reactor in Pavia.